About Us

MacDermid Offshore Solutions

As a global control fluid leader since 1979, MacDermid Offshore Solutions is focused on developing and producing environmentally superior fluids for the offshore market.

Our research and development teams engineer and test control fluids specifically designed to meet the technological advancements in offshore exploration and production equipment, more specifically:

  • Subsea Production Systems
  • BOP Systems, Surface and Subsea
  • Motion Compensator and Tensioner Systems
  • Equipment Flushing and Testing
  • Long-term Equipment Storage

Our products are recognized as the most dependable control fluids in the oil and gas industry today with field-proven history to ensure superior: system reliability, system performance and system compatibility.

MacDermid Offshore Solutions products are designed and manufactured in-house by experienced personnel and in dedicated facilities to ensure our fluids exceed industry standards and are available worldwide through our global distribution network.

Our unsurpassed laboratory and technical services, established in key global locations, are dedicated to serving the offshore market and specifically equipped to support:

  • Fluid monitoring and analysis services
  • Fluid handling and awareness training
  • Particle contamination counting
  • Trouble shooting assistance


At MacDermid Offshore Solutions, we understand that it takes more than innovative, high performance products and superior technical service to help our customer compete and win in today's global marketplace. It takes a total commitment to understanding their needs and the ability to provide the right solutions-every time.