MacDermid Offshore Solutions employs dedicated personnel with significant experience in the oil and gas industry. Continual training ensures that our personnel remain at the leading edge of offshore technology. Our support of existing customers and product application is second to none through our in-house customer service, technical field service, fluid handling training and global manufacturing capability. Our leadership position allows us to work on special applications, focus on new product development and ensure worldwide environmental compliance for our customer's long term requirements.

Technical Support

MacDermid Offshore Solutions operates seven fluid monitoring laboratories

  • Melboume, Australia
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Singapore
  • Pasadena, Texas, USA
  • Wigan, England, UK
  • Takoradi, Ghana
  • Stavanger, Norway

These laboratories provide the highest level of technical chemical support, where and when required. Our extensive analytical capabilities enable us to resolve most issues and if more advanced analyses are required, we contract some of the world's most dependable third-party laboratories to meet your needs.

Field sample condition monitoring is provided in our primary laboratories and in other key locations worldwide. The Fluid Monitoring Program helps our customers maintain subsea hydraulic systems in ideal operating conditions. MacDermid Offshore Solutions provides sample bottles, and fluid monitoring free of charge to all customers using our products. A secure on-line Fluid Monitoring Report is produced for each client to review. The Fluid Condition Monitoring Service is currently available from Perth & Melbourne (Australia), Aberdeen & Wigan (UK), Sao Paulo, Macae & Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Singapore, Pasadena (Texas, USA), Ghana and Norway.


MacDermid Offshore Solutions can provide hands-on training and or technical expertise on the following subjects:

  • Fluid Handling, Health and Safety
  • Critical Fluid Properties
  • Design Criteria for Fluid and Hardware
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Fluid Maintenance and Common Problems
  • On Site Fluid Analysis
  • Reasons for Fluid Cleanliness
  • Particle Counters, Pro's and Con's
  • Manual Particle Count Training utilizing a Microscope
  • AS4059 / NAS 1638 Classification(s) and Equivalents
  • Filtration and Filter Types
  • On Site Support

MacDermid Offshore Solutions is able to provide on-site support globally with trained staff certified to work in the offshore environment. Our technical personnel are available to attend meetings to discuss fluid related topics, such as, material compatibility and aid in trouble-shooting field challenges.