MacDermid Offshore Solutions work closely with offshore component and equipment manufacturers. Our range of equipment flushing, testing and storage fluids is widely specified for use.

Examples: Oceanic SST5007 is used for testing and storage of steel umbilicals. Oceanic 2/00 Series fluids are used for flushing, testing and transport of thermoplastic umbilicals.

Product Range

Formulated Water Based Fluids

  • Oceanic SST5007 series
  • Oceanic EPF - Product Brochure
  • Oceanic 2/00 Series                   
  • Wellhead Preservation Fluid

Customer Specified water glycol mixes 

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  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Environmental approval status in your area

Maintaining Oceanic fluids in proper operational condition will help optimize the life and reliability of equipment and regular condition monitoring is beneficial for predictive and preventive maintenance regimes.

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