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MacDermid Offshore Solutions designs and manufactures water based hydraulic fluids to meet industry requirements around the world.

Oceanic HW Fluids

Oceanic HW fluids are water based hydraulic fluid specifically formulated for use in modern subsea production control systems. Their low viscosity promotes optimum system response, while a sophisticated additive package provides a high degree of protection against wear, corrosion and microbiological degradation. The Oceanic HW fluids have been developed in close consultation with equipment and component manufactures for use worldwide to deliver maximum system safety and reliability.

Erifon Fluids

Erifon Fluids are water based hydraulic fluids specifically formulated for blow-out preventer and hydraulic compensator systems used for drill rig operations.  Erifon fluids exhibit excellent stability, corrosion protection, anti-wear lubrication properties and a high resistance to microbiological attack.

  •  Erifon BOP fluids are available as a concentrate or premix formulation to control either closed loop or vent-to-sea blow-out preventer systems.
  • Erifon Motion Compensator Fluids are explosion resistant fluids for use in riser tensioner, motion compensator, drill string compensator, crown compensator systems and in tension leg platforms.


MacDermid Offshore Solutions unsurpassed laboratory and technical services, established in key global locations, are dedicated to serving the offshore market. Our support of existing customer product application is second to none through our in-house customer service, technical field service and fluid handling training.Our leadership position allows us to work on special applications, focus on new product development and ensure worldwide environmental compliance for our customer's long term requirements.