MacDermid Offshore Solutions Recieves Product Innovation Award

May 19, 2009

Screenshot_4.pngDuring the inaugural Chemicals Northwest Awards, sponsored by the Environment Agency and the Department of Trade and Investment, held on 14th May 2009 in Manchester England, MacDermid Offshore Solutions received the Innovation Award for development of Oceanic HW500E series. The Chemicals Northwest organization for North West England represents interests and activities of the chemistry-using industries. This award acknowledges the design and implementation of a new product that gives increased process efficiency and demonstrable benefits to the business.

MacDermid Offshore Solutions identify and formulate environmentally friendly chemicals for use in the offshore oil and gas sector. The main product line includes hydraulic fluids for use in the remote operation of subsea production, control of wells while drilling operations are occurring and in damping systems for drilling and work-over vessels.

The most common subsea hydraulic control fluid currently used world-wide is Oceanic HW500 series, also manufactured and marketed by MacDermid Offshore Solutions for over 25 years. Oceanic HW500E series is developed to offer the same performance and
material compatibility with a significantly improved environmental profile to safely replace older formulations in anticipation of future changes to environmental chemistry and legislation.

“Oceanic HW500E series is fully tested to, and exceeds the requirements of, the stringent OSPAR regulations with no substitution warnings, and has the best environmental status available under the BERR (DTI) OCNS listing”, stated Simon McManus Technical Director for MacDermid Offshore Solutions. “This fluid is suitable for use world-wide including environmentally sensitive areas such as Australia and the Arctic regions of Norway and Russia.”

Please feel free to contact Simon McManus at +44 (1942) 501 000

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