MacDermid Offshore Solutions Announces New Fluid Monitoring Lab Facility in China

September 30, 2015

Singapore - MacDermid Offshore Solutions (MacDermid) announced the opening of a new laboratory facility in Panyu, China for production and drilling control fluid monitoring and testing. The new facility will serve production operators, drilling contractors, OEM's, and service companies in China. This new facility will complement MacDermid's facilities in Wigan, England; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Melbourne, Australia; Singapore; Takoradi, Ghana; Stavanger Norway; and Pasadena, Texas, USA.

Fluid testing results and recommendations are posted directly on MacDermid's, confidential web based system. In addition, MacDermid offers customer specific instructions for sample collection and training for initial onsite fluid testing programs.

“We now have eight (8) fluid monitoring facilities strategically located in key areas around the world to support our customers drilling and production operations” commented Mark Hollinger, MacDermid Offshore Solutions President. “This new facility in China will strengthen our ability in the region and provide timely fluid analysis for our customer's preventative maintenance programs as well as enhancing fluid related performance for their equipment.”

MacDermid Offshore Solutions provides products and services for the offshore oil industry, worldwide. Our market leading Oceanic and Erifon water-based fluids are used for hydraulic control of valves in offshore drilling and production systems. All products manufactured by MacDermid Offshore Solutions are produced by in house personnel and in company owned facilities.

For more information on the lab facility in Panyu, please contact Eric Hor at

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